Under construction. Drawings are conceptual only

Collaboration Hub / Think Tank

The nerve center of the facility features state of the art technology designed for harmonious collaboration.

This area is open to our industry partners and education partners. Our Collaboration Hub is a space where everyone can comfortably work and have full access to our staff, who are able to assist with any number of projects.

It will be an equipped area with full office functionality and support, as well as meeting space and conferencing/Smart Board capabilities. It will allow our partners to hold meetings and conduct business with all the resources of a modern high tech office space, as well as the Tech Hub staff.


KYOCERA SGS Tech Hub Think Tank

A team of specialists from a variety of industries form a think tank to deliver next level solutions to our customers. This team will develop these solutions by utilizing strong collaborations between industry partners, research institutes and every available cross-industry resource. Thanks to expert collaboration, the think tank will be able to analyze, optimize, and verify each solution proposed, while documenting deliverables against their objectives.