Under construction. Drawings are conceptual only

Engineering and Project Support

Supporting every project from inception to delivery.

This will be the core support staff area within the Tech Hub. This area will manage the customer projects, design solutions, program machines, provide technical assistance, and perform general admin functions.

This open plan work space allows staff to work together closely in a team-based environment. They will be easily accessible to all visitors that visit the central hub. The space will also feature flat panel monitors mounted in strategic positions for screen sharing and collaborative efforts.


A fully synergised support team.

The staff will have access to a full suite of modelling and programming software to support our internal and external technology demands. We will also manage an ERP and Project Management system that will give our customers high visibility, as well as our internal staff.

Shipping and Receiving

The center of the Tech Hub's logistics.

Logistics is the lifeblood of any manufacturing facility. We will use computer controlled vertical storage systems to organize this area and inventory all raw material, finished goods, and parts. In addition, this area will also perform all marking and packaging activities. They will utilize a high tech laser marking system to create unique and traceable identities on all products from the very beginning of the process.