Under construction. Drawings are conceptual only

Optimization and Advanced Machining

Here we evaluate and test every product and develop new ways of optimization.

This department will house advanced Machine Tools in the 3 Axis and 5 Axis varieties. It will also contain a turning center with live tooling. This gives us the ability to manage projects completely for our customers, providing real time application data. The idea of a complete solution is not to manufacture a tool and hand it to an end user to only wish them luck.

This area will be pivotal to assist in training endeavours and efforts both internally and externally. They will also function as an optimization area focused on making sure we do not get complacent in our solutions and are constantly pushing our customers forward in order to maintain a competitive gap.


We study a product's application, replicate it, and present complete and proven deliverables

We give customers the opportunity to collaborate with us on developing the optimum solution for their application on our site.


Investing in future technology.

This department will explore industry based technologies and research the impact it has on our tooling. They will evaluate new cutter designs and concepts and conduct competitive studies and performance evaluations.