Under construction. Drawings are conceptual only

Supporting the Community

The Tech Hub will be a supporter of future engineer and technician development.

As a facility focused on the future, our goal is to actively participate in sponsored training efforts, internship opportunities, University level research support, and hosted education events. We will look for opportunities to engage engineers to not only offer them opportunities to work with KYOCERA, but to also engage in real world knowledge gain that connects dots that traditional book only education can provide.


Bridging the gap between the theoretical and the practical

We have a goal to work with various educators in our market to help bridge the gap that exist between the blue collar skilled technician with the hands on skills and the white collar engineer with the specialized focused in depth knowledge. Both are essential to the success of manufacturing and both must work in harmony with each other to accomplish world class results for industry.

By each of these areas gaining an appreciation and understanding for their respected responsibilities and benefits, we hope to eliminate a very real and challenging disconnect. We hope to be a resource for education partners, industry partners, and various organizations to change this in the future.